Munsee Delaware Indian Nation-USA



UPDATES-November 13, 2017


September 16, 2016

Denver , Colorado

Civil Case No. 16-2345 (Now Case No. 16-2388 U.S. District Of Columbia)

 We filed the lawsuit against the BIA and R. Lee Fleming of the "Acknowledgment Branch" of the BIA for the false findings they have been posting for 35 years that we applied for Federal Recognition and was turned down in U.S. District Court of Denver. As most of you know and saw on this website when it was posted, not only did we not apply when they said we did we did; we posted the actual letter that said they weren't even TAKING applications at that tine. We only contacted them about a GRANT! This was for the cultural center project we had going on in the mid 70's.

  Over the decades this published illegal finding has cost the tribe millions in of dollars to our tribe but has caused the credibility of our very existence. Not withstanding the liable and slander against me personally. After several months of debating issues of Venue; the Court transferred to the U. S. District Court transferred it to the U.S. District Court of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA in Washington D.C. New case number :CIVIL CASE NO. 16-2388.

  If anyone can find it on line , you will see the 18 page complaint and the more then 80  pages of exhibits testifying our existence as a tribe including our last three treaties, the 18 13 which; we celebrated 200th anniversary with the US, Senators and members of the US, House of representatives and the 200th year Recognition from the governors office and the Mayor at the Treaty Rock in downtown Columbus, Ohio. There were many other Federal and state signatories there as well. These treaties are STILL in effect and have never been terminated and pre date the BIA by at least 11 years. They, the BIA as never  nor will they EVER have jurisdiction on our tribe.

As of this week. we (I) have responded to there challenge allowing me to represent the tribe in court which IS legal under Federal Indian case Law as well as I am representing my self ( I and  the tribe BOTH sued them under Title 5 of the US code regarding illegal administrative actions. More as it progresses.



All events are at the Cambridge Res. unless noted different




The sharing event has been cancelled due to health reasons from Cedar Heart


February 10, 2018

12 noon (weather permitting)

Dress warm and bring Pot Luck for food. This is a very old tradition and the last few years we have not been able to do this for various conditions, less hope we can make it this year.


Spring Council


After nearly 155 years of our Spring council following the weekend following the FIRST full moon of spring. A majority  have agreed in council to make it the SECOND weekend following the first Full Moon after spring. The weekend following the first full moon of spring is also the same weekend of the Christian holiday of Easter. Several of our tribal members have expressed a desire to do this so as to enjoy that holiday with their families. The Chief  certified the decision.

April 7th-April 8th , 20 18 (possibly )


Pot luck. We may be able to do this all on Saturday but maybe not. Also since this is an election year for the tribe, if you are going to run for office make sure you will ATTEND ALL  events scheduled and submit your name at this time. This is a early spring council so dress accordingly. ONLY VALID EXCUSES will be accepted for not showing up. No email notices. You MUST call! No exceptions. Period.


Summer Solstice

June 22, 23, and 24

Most activities will be on the weekend and Friday is usually when people arrive and we sometimes do drumming is visiting.

In years past it has me the Chief who plans what we do at Solstice. It should not be up to just ME! I expect other tribal members to contribute with Ideas and projects , especially targeted to our youth as well as the adults. Camping, drumming. hiking  and other activities. We have 5 0r 6 functional camp sites plus the other sites for larger tents.

ONLY VALID EXCUSES will be accepted for not showing up. No email notices. You MUST call! No exceptions. Period.


Fall Council

September 29, possibly the 30th as well , 2018

This is an election council and is MANDATORY that Tribal Members attend

ONLY VALID EXCUSES will be accepted for not showing up. No email notices. You MUST call! No exceptions. Period.

Pot Luck, should be nice weather and hopefully still warm.