Munsee Delaware Indian Nation-USA

updated 2-12--17


William (Billy) Little Soldier  (Bungard) -  born November 20, 1947,  ancestry: Munsee-Delaware, Cherokee, Viking (Norway) , German.  Considered "The father of the Eagle feather permit system", he caused the change in, or alterations to, numerous laws, rulings and hearings for Native Americans and other minorities for the good and continues to be a strong civil rights activist. Listed in "The Who's Who of the American Indian".  Has been called one of the greatest chiefs of the twentieth century.  Exposed numerous areas of corruption in all levels of state, local, and federal governments.     Tribal Chief of the tribe for 48+ years.  Credited with restoring his tribe,  assisting the Shawnee of Ohio with state recognition, and extending his Eagle Permit to the Shawnee of Ohio.   Although always controversial,   and surviving numerous smear campaigns from the federal government   (some of which would today, and probably did then as well, violated constitutional law) and various attacks by the press as well as assistance at times by the news media,   Little Soldier has endured. Controversy is never without risk.   He also has had numerous general contractors licenses and holds associate degrees in public relations and business management.  He also is a professional astronomer and photographer and author.  He has one son and six daughters,(Two;Princess Mamma Turtle, (Sachem Little Soldier Smedley)passed on June 1, 2016, at 39 years old and her sister Princess Little Moon (BJ), passed on October 13, 2011 at age 32;and numerous grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren. . He also is an active musician,  song writer and singer,   and a visionary.

,December 4, 2004, he received many honors from the Lewis and Clark, Corp of Discovery Group, which honored the descendants of the signers of the Greenville Treaty in Greenville, Ohio and was the starting point for the Lewis and Clark Expeditions between 1803 and 1806. He also received honors from the Piqua Band of Shawnee, the Miami Tribes from Ohio, Indiana and Oklahoma, The Mingo Tribe, Ohio River States and the Pottawatomie Tribe of Canada along with other outstanding leaders in attendance.

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